Thursday, 3 November 2011

Drugs Against HIV, Scientists Have Found Successful

Believe it or not was found to have to start anti-HIV drugs, it is impossible for people to believe in this decade is likely to become reality. How to become a pioneer in the direction of there already begun to be estimated are a few years in the future to cure this deadly disease already, and expands the possibilities of life of people infected with HIV Aids.

British and American researchers have successfully developed an enzyme called integrase. This enzyme is a retrovirus like HIV, is a new target for drugs against HIV. And understand the Imperial and Harvard scientists, such as the structure of these enzymes to stop HIV infection starting work, studies on patients and the results show that the enzyme makes the job success.Produced several new drugs HIV Merck & Co.

The team entered the Cohort Collaboration found that HIV disease is now reduced to the ranks of local diabetes. they accept this conclusion after studying 43 000 HIV patients , where the results of a study, a person with HIV at the age of 20 will be found given the chance to live until age 70. In other words, there is an increased chance of living to 13 years and increases as the discovery and development of drug therapy in HIV infection

The HIV virus, the human immune system does a person's body loses its resistance to many diseases attack the body, so that the vulnerable by the disease. Often people do not realize that he was infected with this virus but no symptoms appear before the person actually loses its toughness is HIV through fluids, syringes, transferred to sex. The symptoms may be due to the presence of respiratory diseases, digestive disorders, drastic reduction in weight, nervous system, are considered irritation on skin tissue and interventions in human reproduction. It is therefore very important for us to prevent the HIV virus do not have a sex, drugs and injections alternating needle infected.

Prevention is better than cure ....

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