Thursday, 27 October 2011

Port Lockroy: A Post Office in Antarctica

            Port Lockroy is located on the island Goudier (64 º 49'S, 63 ° 30'W), Antarctic Peninsula - the South Pole. Port Lockroy is a Post Office in the most southern tip of Earth and Port Lockroy is a British state-owned territory. More than 70,000 postcards and letters are hand-processed by the staff there every year to send to more than 100 different countries. Currently Port Lockroy Historic Site also be recognized in the Antarctic Treaty, even Port Lockroy is also a tourist destination for many of the world who want to come and learn more about Antarctica. Package delivery and Mail from the Post Office is using a boat to visit Antarctica once a week


Port Lockroy area was first discovered in 1903 by a Frenchman named Jean-Baptiste Charcot's current expedition to Antarctica. Port Lockroy initial building was built in 1944 by a British military mission in World War II to monitor enemy activity in the extreme south and to this Port Lockroy included in British territory.

In 1996, through the Treaty Antarctic Treaty, building was renovated by the BAS (British Antarctic Survey) and the Post Office once used as a tourist destination for tourists who want an expedition in Antarctica. Most of the travelers coming to Port Lockroy to conduct research on the local population of gentoo penguins, and observe human impacts on the environment in the Arctic.
tourists who come to the Port Lockroy

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