Thursday, 27 October 2011

Commercial Fitness Equipment American Fitness expanded line-up with Impact Fitness Equipment

American Fitness building solutions for customers of fitness equipment upscale fitness or athletic training needs. Impact fitness equipment should be the ideal solution for business customers of fitness equipment that have chosen a high level of quality, durability and performance. Many products developed as part of packages fitness equipment in a gym or start a fitness center, sports equipment or a change of clothes., a leading provider of fitness equipment in the service of the United States, as well as hotels, clubs, and foreign military customers, announces the addition of Impact Fitness Equipment to its line- up business solutions for fitness equipment. American Fitness recognizes the special needs of these customers, they are high-end quality and performance of athletes or a commercial gym to ensure member satisfaction oriented demanding. Fitness equipment impact has been identified as ideal for the demands of commercial gym environment and an excellent complement to currently available products appropriate. The product line also offers opportunities for creating packs of fitness equipment with multiple products from the same brand that is often sought by commercial gyms. offers a wide range of equipment fitness impact, including the Triumph, altitude, budget, and a series of winding bodybuilding products. All this is designed for durability complete fitness equipment business. Triumph series, also known as "Simply the Best" means the impact of fitness equipment, is aimed at those who designed the ultimate in design, safety and function. The training system is equipped with chassis large steel tube, converging and diverging planes axis, including weight stacks of security, educational posters, and a variety of comfort features and safety. The series includes Triumph porches, cable systems, record weight stations and benches and other equipment free weights. The altitude range is comparable with the triumph of quality series, but with a traditional look. The budget provides full range of commercial quality for price-conscious customers, making it ideal for startup gyms and fitness centers. Meander Series includes a selection of multi-station gyms.

For cardiovascular training, will With Impact Series Premier Fitness cardio equipment. The line includes the full retail the most popular types of cardiovascular fitness such as treadmills, elliptical trainers, exercise bikes upright and recumbent, steppers and rowers.

"We are delighted to add products to impact fitness equipment for our commercial fitness equipment line-up," said Ron Thompson, president of the American fitness. "Impact Fitness Equipment Full commercial products combine technology advanced the quality and durability for a more efficient high-performance training. We look forward to the recommendation of the products of impact fitness equipment for many of our military, firefighters, fitness center and customer Service school sports. "

Many of the effects of products of fitness equipment are combined to form packages of fitness equipment. These packages are designed to provide a new gym or fitness center to work with a good range of equipment at affordable prices. They also work well as replacement kits for gyms looking to upgrade or renovate facilities. is a leading retailer of home and commercial fitness equipment. Based in Portland, Oregon, the U.S. chosen supplier fitness fitness and sports equipment for schools, hotels, public agencies and organizations in the U.S. military the United States and abroad. specializing in the design of sports and fitness center with top-brand equipment including home gyms, treadmills, elliptical trainers, weight and other popular sports. With an emphasis on service and customer satisfaction American fitness for individuals and organizations that attempt to achieve the support of healthy life. For more information, please visit the website at

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